Tallinn kutsub

LIFT11 in Linnahall (part of Tallinn Architecture Biennale)

9 September in Linnahall, neglected concert venue opened specially for this event
Lecture by LIFT11 and Japanese architect Tetsuo Kondo
also audio-visual exhibition of LIFT11 works opened just for 1,5 hours

Pics by Margit Argus

Margit Aule (co-curator of LIFT11) talking

Tetsuo Kondo, the author of the installation Path In The Forest, talking

Installation O makes one's appearance

Grete Soosalu and Aet Ader (authors of the installation O)

Exhibition of LIFT11 works set up for 1,5 hours.

Videos by Eva Kübar, Meelis Mikker and Sören Tali.

Special thanks: Tetsuo Kondo, Tõnu Prööm, Leo Lõoke and Linnahall.

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