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White walk

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Organizer: Kumu Art Museum
Exhibition: gateways. Art and Networker Culture
Author: Escoitar.org
Location: Kumu art museum ja Kadrioru park
Duration: May 13 – September 25


White Walk is a geolocalized soundwalk which is based on the recordings, interviews and soundperformances made in Kadriorg park in January and February 2011. These materials have come together as a nonlinear story connected to the surroundings of Kumu, and that focuses on the role of sound on the development of individual and collective memory.
Usually touristy audio guides are devices giving us information about spaces cataloged as relevant for the common interest. Escoitar.org would like to question this use as well as the
official discourses that they contain. Our objective is the deconstruction of this old-framed format for designing a new one open to the collective memory of the inhabitants and connecting it to the real time situation of the city involved. It can be considered as an
intervention in the perception of the urban space, understood as a stream of complex actions, as a performance and as an act of collective memory.
The different sounds are scattered around in Kadriorg park. Portable GPS device that is connected to the sattelites responds to movement and when people run into the radius of the sound, it starts playing.

The devices – Android mobilephones and headphones – are available at the Kumu infodesk. The visitors have to leave their ID card for the soundwalk. Every visitor will also be equipped with the sound map.




Escoitar.org is a collective of sound artists, developers, anthropologists, musicologists and activists focusing on sound, aural memory and the ethical engagement of cultural action. They develop their activity using open source technologies as a key concept for social activation. They are responsible of interactive sound maps, installations, sound walks, performances etc., showing up the benefits of active listening. During five years of activity Escoitar.org has exhibited within exhibitions or festivals, e.g. ZKM, Laboral, Sonar, etc.