Tallinn kutsub


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Organizer: Kumu Art Museum
Exhibition: gateways. Art and Networker Culture
Author: Clara Boj & Diego Diaz
Location: Radisson Blue Hotel in Tallinn, roof terrace Lounge 24
Duration: May 13 - September 25


Observatorio is a project that reflects the density of wireless networks in a city. There is a modified telescope on top of Radisson Blue Hotel where visitors can observe the beautiful city center as well as all contemporary communication networks installed on top of the historical buildings. Wifi-networks are registered and projected as a real-time image in KUMU museum.

Boj and Diaz want to show how infotechnology has changed our urban environment into a hybrid city which consists of buildings and loads of networks and communication information nodal points. Real life and virtual spaces are figuratively made to coincide.



Clara Boj & Diego Diaz

Clara Boj and Diego Diaz have been working together since 2000. Each of them hold a Ph.D. in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. In their work they use multimedia technologies to build new devices that combine physical and digital public space, establishing a link of continuity between old and new forms of social interaction, between public spaces and intimate environments.