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Electrical walks

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Organizer: Kumu Art Museum
Exhibition: gateways. Art and Networker Culture
Author: Christina Kubisch
Location: Rotermanni center, city center and old town of Tallinn
Duration: May 13 - September 25


The Electrical Walk Tallinn invites the visitor to take a guided walking tour that reveals previously inaudible acoustic phenomena. Wearing a pair of headphones that Christina Kubisch developed—using a built-in induction coil that reacts to electromagnetic fields—and carrying a city map marked with a route and particularly interesting sound sites, the visitor heads off to discover the electromagnetic fields of the city of Tallinn, acoustically.

The headphones are available for lending at the Cultural Capital infocenter in Rotermann center (Rotermanni 5 / Roseni 10, open Mon–Sun 10–19). The lending ends at 18.00 and the maximum lending time is 4 hours. The headphones are harmless, but please be careful, because some sounds, especialy from the security gates, are very loud.



Christina Kubisch

Christina Kubisch lives and works in Hoppegarten near Berlin. She studied painting, music, and electronics. She produces compositions, performances, concerts, and works with video, sound installations, sound sculptures, and ultraviolet light.