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The LIFT11 urban installations festival, part of the Capital of Culture, added character to the public space in Tallinn from 12 June to 22 October 2011.

An open competition held in autumn 2010 resulted in 129 projects, of which 10 works were selected to be set up in summer 2011 as part of the festival.

These location-specific works created at various locations in Tallinn highlighted sites and angles in contrast with the ‘postcard’ image of Tallinn, addressing local residents as well as visitors. On a wider scale, LIFT11 attempted to break down prejudice towards public art in Tallinn and draw attention to the ample array of opportunities for using city space.

LIFT11 was curated by Margit Argus, Margit Aule, former co-curators were Maarin Mürk and Ingrid Ruudi. The festival was organised by the non-profit association MTÜ KAOS in partnership with KAOS Architects.