Tallinn kutsub


by Aap Kaur Suvi
Location: Karjavärava plats (in Tallinn Old Town)
Status: Cancelled by LIFT11


The programme of LIFT11 featured, among other works, Chimney, Aap Kaur Suvi’s installation, which was to come into being as a temporary brick chimney around Tauno Kangro's sculpture Jolly Chimney-Sweep to conceal the chimney-sweep but leave a small hole for touching one of his buttons for good luck. Since the author of the sculpture opposed the idea, the installation was cancelled by LIFT11.

Quite unexpectedly, Chimney still materialised on 8 September 2011, not under the aegis of LIFT11 but as direct action. The chimney was built around the sculpture anonymously by a group of Tallinners, whose press release described the installation as a present to the city of Tallinn from a hundred citizens. Apparently the chimney was put up within minutes, the bricks arriving by two or three in the bags of the hundred participants.

The installation was in the city space for a couple of hours before it was cleared away by the authorities.

Aap Kaur Suvi

Aap Kaur Suvi is an artist not yet defined by media. He studies Graphic Arts in the Department of Fine Arts, Estonian Academy of Arts. A member of the SIHT Group.