Tallinn kutsub

Audio Tour Of Street Space

by Kadri Klementi

Location: Roosikrantsi Street (in the city centre)
Duration: 30 June – 22 October 2011

Realisation: Maastikuarhitektuuri galerii
Narrators: Jim Ashilevi, Regina Viljasaar, Justin Ions, John W. Fail, Aleksandra Muratova, Jevgenia Penkova
Editor: Reet Sepp


Audio Tour Of Street Space from LIFT11 on Vimeo.

The Audio Tour Of Street Space presented an architectural space characteristic of Tallinn, exemplified by Roosikrantsi street, highlighting and explaining, one by one, the constituent elements of the street. The recording featured aspects that often go unnoticed in the daily traffic, e.g. the abundance of details in the street space, the interaction between space and the speed of motion, the semiotics of the street (e.g. the street as a context for a message), the grammar of the street (the structure of traffic control systems), etc.

Download the Audio tour here and take a walk on Roosikrantsi street with an MP3 player and the tour files.


Download files in English here
Download files in Russian here





Kadri Klementi

Kadri Klementi is an architect and urbanist. She graduated from the specialty of Architectural Design in Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Urban Landscapes in the Academy of Arts of Estonia. Besides working as an architect, she writes articles and essays, teaches spatial thinking to children, makes presentations (mostly about streets), organises urban events and participates in exhibitions. She is a founder of the Landscape Architecture Gallery. Since 2010, she has been a founder and architect of Architecture Office b210. See http://kadri.klementi.eu and http://b210.ee